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It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the holiday season! Aside from feasting and spending quality time with loved ones, decorating the house is one of the most exciting parts of this festive time of year. However, holiday décor can easily go from cheery to hazardous if you don’t take certain precautions. To keep your family and visitors safe as you bring the holiday spirit into your home, our Bucks County accident attorney urges you to follow these tips:

    1. Abide by the rules of ladder safety – When hanging holiday décor on the roof or in other high places, use a ladder that is appropriately sized for the job. Place the ladder in a spot where the ground is firm and level, and have a buddy there with you to stabilize it. Further, make sure the ladder is approved to hold your own weight as well as the weight of the decorations you’re putting up.
    2. Place your tree wisely – Whether you opt for a real or artificial Christmas tree, you’ll want to put it a good distance away from heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators and heat vents in order to prevent a fire. In addition, don’t forget to make sure your tree is not in a walkway so it doesn’t pose a tripping hazard.
    3. Pay mind to potential risks for kids and pets – Holiday decorations can be extremely dangerous when you have children and pets in the house. For instance, many popular holiday plants (including poinsettias) are toxic if ingested, and breakable glass figurines and ornaments with sharp metal hooks can lead to skin injuries. With this in mind, our accident attorney in Bucks County suggests skipping out on these items or making sure they are well out of reach of youngsters and pets.
    4. Be careful with candles – Candles create a cozy holiday mood in your home, but it’s essential to remember that they can easily burn someone or start a fire. To minimize the risk of accidents, put candles in sturdy holders, keep them away from other objects and never leave them unattended while burning. Better yet, choose battery-powered LED candles to create worry-free holiday lighting.

By adhering to these decorating safety suggestions from our accident lawyer in Bucks County, you will greatly decrease the risk of decoration malfunctions in your home this holiday season.

Injured During the Holidays? Contact Our Bucks County Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, even when you prioritize safety while decking out your house with lights, greenery and other holiday décor, accidents can still happen. What’s more, others may not be as adamant about safe decorating on their properties, which can lead to you or someone you love being hurt.

In the event that you or a family member sustains injuries due to someone else’s negligence – whether it’s related to holiday décor or something else – you can depend on Bucks County accident lawyer Gary Heslin to dedicate himself to defending your rights. When you call on him for legal assistance, Mr. Heslin will examine the specifics of the case in order to determine who should be held liable. Then, he will help your family pursue the compensation you are rightfully owed.

To learn more about what makes Gary Heslin the accident attorney Bucks County residents trust or to schedule a free case evaluation with Mr. Heslin, call our office at (215) 332-0300. And for more helpful seasonal safety advice, take a look at our post on avoiding collisions during peak deer season. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season, but in case you find yourself in need of an accident attorney in Bucks County, Gary Heslin of the Heslin Law Firm will be here to provide you with expert legal guidance.

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