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Whether you’re in your backyard, on a cruise ship, or at the gym, taking a dip in a spa or hot tub is a wonderful way to unwind and relieve stress. Unfortunately, people often forget that hot tubs can pose a serious injury risk. According to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, more than 6,600 people were hurt in hot tub-related accidents each year as of 2007.

Considering this statistic, our Bucks County personal injury lawyer would like to offer a few safety tips to help you protect your family against hot tub and spa injuries:

  • Hold off on the alcohol – Drinking alcoholic beverages before or while using a hot tub or spa is a recipe for disaster – alcohol dehydrates the body, which is the exact opposite of what you want when you’re sitting in a steamy pool of water. To prevent dangerous effects such as drowsiness and overheating, stick with ice water until you’re finished soaking for the day.
  • Keep the water at a safe temperature – Another important step in preventing hot tub injuries is to monitor the water temperature. While most hot tubs can reach 104°F, safety experts recommend keeping the temperature around 100-102°F to reduce the chance of you or someone you love overheating. No matter what the temperature is set to, be on the lookout for signs that you’ve been in the tub for too long, which include nausea and lightheadedness. Exit immediately if you start to notice these effects.
  • Soak with friends – Our personal injury lawyer in Bucks County recommends always enjoying hot tubs and spas in groups of two or more. This way, there will be someone around to call for help in the event of an emergency.
  • Always cover the hot tub when it’s not in use – To prevent children from entering your hot tub or spa when an adult isn’t around to supervise, place a heavy-duty cover with locks and straps over it after each use. If one of the parts breaks, be sure to have it fixed or purchase a new cover ASAP.
  • Use common sense and caution – Many hot tub and spa injuries occur due to reckless behavior such as jumping or diving into the shallow water. To keep your kids safe, teach them that these behaviors are unacceptable and dangerous. Furthermore, remind everyone who enters your spa or hot tub to keep their head above water to avoid getting their hair or clothing caught in a suction cover.

By taking these precautions, you can prevent your relaxing hot tub or spa experience from going awry.

We’ll Help You Hold Negligent Parties Accountable for Accidents

Even when you do your best to soak safely, there is always a chance that you may be injured due to the negligence of another party. This could be an irresponsible user, the manufacturer, or the facility that maintains the hot tub or spa.

If you or someone you love has sustained injuries in a hot tub or spa accident, it’s time to speak with the Heslin Law Firm. As the personal injury attorney Bucks County has depended on for more than three decades, we will use our legal expertise to analyze your case and determine who is to blame for the incident. Then, we’ll do everything in our power to hold that party accountable.

Ready to discuss your case? Call (215) 332-0300. And for tips on avoiding water park drowning hazards, be sure to read our recent post. We look forward to serving as your Bucks County personal injury attorney should you require our services.

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