Bucks County Hotel Accident Lawyer

When you stay in a hotel while you’re away from home on a business trip or a vacation, you expect it to be a safe and relaxing experience. Typically, you’d be right. But all too often, hazards lurk in the hotel due to the staff’s negligence and unsuspecting guests get hurt.

Hotel catastrophes can happen to anyone, so our Bucks County hotel accident lawyer highly recommends familiarizing yourself with the most common types of accidents as well as what to do if you or someone you love is affected by one:

  • Slips and falls – Slippery floors, unmarked steps and bathtubs without grab bars can all result in slips and falls in a hotel. When this type of accident occurs, the effects can be serious – a guest may be left with permanent damage, especially if they hit their head on a hard surface.
  • Drowning – Drowning can easily occur at a hotel pool or spa if the management or employees neglect to keep the area in and around the water safe for all guests, including young children.
  • Food poisoning – Unfortunately, food poisoning often occurs at hotels due to contaminated ingredients or unsafe food handling practices. In serious cases, victims of foodborne illness may have to take a trip to the hospital.
  • Mugging – Another common source of hotel injuries which many fail to think about is mugging, or violent robbery. Criminals often scout out hotel guests as victims because they know they will likely be carrying cash and have their guard down. If a mugging occurs due to a security oversight by the hotel staff, they can be held liable.
  • Burns – In hotel rooms, burns can happen if the hot water system produces scalding water or if an iron or kettle is faulty.

If you are injured in a hotel accident such as the ones we’ve just listed, you’ll need to prove a few things in order to hold the hotel accountable. First, you’ll have to provide evidence that the hotel staff had a duty to protect you from injury and that their failure to do so caused you to be harmed. Then, you’ll need to back up your claim with identifiable damages, which may include lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, etc.

In order to strengthen your chances of getting the maximum amount of compensation, our hotel accident lawyer in Bucks County recommends following these tips:

  • Contact the hotel manager and have them file an accident report even if your injuries don’t immediately appear to be serious
  • Take photos of the conditions or object that caused your injury
  • Ask for the information of the hotel’s insurance company
  • See a doctor and get copies of the written diagnosis
  • Collect the names and information of any witnesses to your accident

Once you’ve taken these steps, it’s time to consult a reliable Bucks County hotel accident attorney who can walk you through the process of filing your case.

Hurt in a Hotel Accident? We Can Help

At the Heslin Law Firm, we’ve seen the devastating effects of hotel accidents firsthand. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping victims of hotel negligence. Whether you’ve been injured in a hotel swimming pool, lobby or room, we’ll draw on our years of experience to help you prove that the hotel is at fault and recover the compensation you deserve.

To schedule a free consultation with the hotel accident lawyer Bucks County depends on, call the Heslin Law Firm at (215) 332-0300 today. And for valuable tips on bounce house safety, don’t miss our last post. We look forward to offering you our legal expertise in the event that you require it.

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