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Playing outside in the springtime has many benefits for kids: it encourages them to socialize, get some fresh air and look away from screens for a while. At the same time, outdoor spring activities can put children at a heightened risk for accidents if certain safety rules aren’t followed. To keep your kids safe as they venture outside for some springtime fun, our Bucks County child injury attorney recommends using these tips:

  1. Check that sports equipment and outdoor toys are in good working order – As you take your kids’ toys and sports equipment out of winter storage, keep in mind that items such as bicycles may need some maintenance before they are safe to use again. Furthermore, be sure to check all toys for broken parts and signs of wear. If you find an item that isn’t in working condition, fix or replace it prior to allowing your children to play with it.
  2. Invest in all recommended safety gear for your children’s activities or sports – Common outdoor pastimes such as soccer and rollerblading can be risky if your children don’t have the proper protection. To avoid a trip to the emergency room, equip your kids with the gear they need to safely participate in all of their favorite activities. Helmets, mouth guards, shin guards and wrist guards can all reduce the chances of your child being seriously injured in the event of a fall or a collision with another child.
  3. Inspect playground equipment – After the harsh winter, your local playground may be due for some upkeep. With this in mind, you should survey the area before letting your kids have free rein of the playground. Look for any signs that equipment is in need of repair, and beware of equipment under which the surface material has eroded (this is especially common at the bottom of slides).
  4. Make sure all adults who supervise your children are responsible and qualified – If your kids are going to be left under the supervision of sports coaches or other adults, our child injury attorney in Bucks County highly suggests taking the time to verify that these individuals know how to perform CPR and administer first aid. It’s also wise to ask coaches about their heat and inclement weather policies to make sure they adequately protect your young athletes.
  5. Encourage your child to tell you if something hurts – If a child continues to play after getting hurt, it can make the injury much worse. To ensure that your kids get the medical attention they need, teach them to let you or their coach know if they feel pain instead of trying to play through an injury.

While it is impossible to guarantee that your kids won’t get injured while playing outside, adhering to these guidelines from our Bucks County child injury lawyer will greatly lower your children’s risk of being involved in a springtime accident.

We’re Here to Serve as Your Bucks County Child Injury Attorney

Even when you do your best to safeguard your children from injuries, accidents can still happen. Sometimes, children are injured due to the negligence of another party, such as a playground owner or a sports coach. Whether your child is hurt on the playground, on the field or elsewhere, your family may be entitled to compensation for his/her injuries.

Known as the child injury attorney Bucks County can trust for more than 30 years, Mr. Gary Heslin can help you determine who is at fault for your child’s injuries by carefully reviewing the details of the incident. If he finds that another individual’s negligence contributed to your child being injured, he will skillfully guide you through the legal process, giving your family the best possible chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

If you have a question for Mr. Heslin or you’d like to schedule a free consultation with him, call (215) 332-0300. And for tips on how to keep your family safe as you spring clean, read our recent blog post. In the event that you need us, we look forward to serving as your child injury attorney in Bucks County.

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