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Sledding is a thrilling activity for snowy days when school is cancelled. However, it can also be quite dangerous for your kids if caution isn’t exercised. With this in mind, be sure to review these safe sledding tips from our Bucks County child injury attorney before your family ventures out into the snow:

  1. Choose a safe sledding spot – Selecting an appropriate place to sled is key to avoiding injuries while enjoying this traditional winter activity. You should be sure the sledding hill your family chooses is clear of obstacles such as trees, fences and poles. Furthermore, pick a hill that isn’t too steep and is well away from roads.
  2. Make sure someone you trust is there to supervise – A responsible adult should always be around to watch your children while they sled just in case an accident occurs. So if you aren’t able to supervise, have another trustworthy adult take them or consider an alternate activity.
  3. Only sled when visibility is good – In order to ensure that you can see any potential hazards, you should only sled during the day and when conditions are clear. Avoid sledding in the dark unless the hill is well lit.
  4. Dress kids for the weather – Sledding involves being exposed to the elements for an extended period of time, so it’s essential to bundle up! Dress your kids in warm, waterproof layers and don’t forget the hat, gloves, boots and snow pants. However, skip the scarf when sledding, as this accessory could get stuck in the sled and lead to strangulation.
  5. Consider a helmet – According to KidsHealth, head injuries are the most common sledding injuries. It’s wise to require kids to wear a helmet while sledding to protect their heads in case they encounter an unexpected obstacle or collide with another person.

By following these sledding safety guidelines from our child injury attorney in Bucks County, you’ll have an increased chance of enjoying an accident-free winter.

Sledding Mishap? Call On Us for Legal Help

In the event that one of your children is injured while sledding this winter, consult the Heslin Law Firm for legal assistance. As the child injury attorney Bucks County has depended on for more than three decades, we will carefully review the details of your case. Once we have determined who is at fault for the accident, we will do everything in our power to get your family the compensation you deserve.

If you are interested in a free consultation with Mr. Gary Heslin, our skilled Bucks County child injury lawyer, call (215) 332-0300 today. And for more seasonal safety tips, visit our post on how to properly clear snow from your property. We look forward to being your trusted source for legal guidance should you need it.

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