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With autumn comes a long list of yard chores – raking and cleaning up leaves, trimming back plants in preparation for winter and mulching trees and shrubs are all tasks that need to be done during this season. While completing these seasonal chores, it’s essential to keep a few basic safety rules in mind in order to steer clear of injuries. Here are the guidelines our Bucks County accident lawyer recommends following when doing yard work this fall:

  • Dress for the job – When working outside, you’ll want to wear long sleeves and pants to stay warm and guard your skin against sharp tools and the elements. As for shoes, steel-toe boots are the best choice, as they will protect your feet in the event that you drop a heavy object. When using motorized equipment, you should also equip yourself with eye and ear protection.
  • Inspect your work area – Before beginning an autumn job such as mowing over leaves, be sure to pick up pieces of debris such as rocks and branches which could potentially be thrown into the air and injure someone. Furthermore, if you’re going to be digging into the ground, call 811 a few days before starting your project to ensure that you won’t disturb any utility lines.
  • Know that non-motorized tools can be just as dangerous as motorized ones – Many people fail to realize that hand-operated garden tools can result in serious injuries, leading them to use these tools carelessly. To prevent injuries, be sure to use hand-operated tools that are sized for your body so that you do not strain your muscles. Plus, you should always check your tools for broken pieces before starting a job. If any part of a tool is damaged, it should not be used.
  • Remember that gas and fire are a dangerous pairing – When burning yard debris, you may be tempted to use gasoline to speed things along. However, we strongly advise you to think twice about doing so. Adding even a small amount of gas could easily make the fire spread out of control, possibly injuring yourself or others in the area. Therefore, it’s best to skip the gas and wait it out.

With these tips from our accident lawyer in Bucks County, you’ll lessen your chances of sustaining an autumn yard work injury.

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While being smart and cautious can help you avoid most autumn yard work accidents, some situations are simply out of your control. For instance, even if you are using a power tool properly, there is always a chance that it could malfunction due to a manufacturing defect.

If you are injured in a yard work accident this fall and you believe that someone else is at fault for the incident, the Heslin Law Firm can help. As the accident lawyer Bucks County depends on, we will carefully review the details of your case to determine who is liable. Then, we will help you fight to receive the compensation you are owed.

To schedule a free consultation with our Bucks County accident attorney, call (215) 332-0300 today. And for tips on staying safe at seasonal attractions, view our recent blog post. We look forward to offering you expert legal representation in the event that you require it.

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