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Halloween is right around the corner! Whether you have kids of your own or you’re expecting trick-or-treaters, decorating your home for this spooky holiday is a ton of fun. Still, it’s important to keep the safety of your family and guests in mind when doing so to make sure that no one gets injured. Here are a few safety tips our Bucks County accident attorney suggests considering when decking out your home for Halloween:

  1. Opt for fake candles instead of real ones – With children in costumes coming and going, you definitely won’t want burning candles around. To get the same eerie effect without the fire hazard, decorate with battery-operated candles instead of real ones.
  2. Practice safe pumpkin carving – Carving jack-o’-lanterns is a classic Halloween activity for the whole family. Just be sure to use tools made specifically for this purpose, not regular sharp knives. Plus, keep a close watch over your kids while they carve. If you don’t feel comfortable with them handling a sharp object, let them be in charge of the outline and then have an adult do the carving.
  3. Follow all directions on décor packaging – Cautionary statements are put on packaging for a reason, so you should read and follow them carefully. For instance, if string lights say they are for indoor use only, don’t hang them outdoors. Going by the directions will help you avoid damage to your property while keeping everyone safe.
  4. Make sure the path to your home is well-lit – While a dimly lit sidewalk may be good for creating a creepy feeling, it’s also dangerous. Be sure you have enough light on your walkway so that Halloween visitors can see where they are going and don’t end up falling on their way to your front door.
  5. Secure and clearly mark any tripping hazards – If you’ll be using extension cords to power your Halloween display, be sure to tape them down and check on them throughout the night to make sure they haven’t come loose. Furthermore, if your yard has tripping hazards such as tree roots, shine a light on these areas so that guests can watch their step.

When you think about it, there’s quite a bit that can go wrong on Halloween night if precautions aren’t taken when decorating. That’s why it’s important to follow these steps from our accident attorney in Bucks County.

Hurt on Halloween? Seek Help From Heslin Law Firm

Even if you take care when decorating your own home, others may not. If you or someone you love sustains an injury at another person’s home this Halloween, the Heslin Law Firm will handle your case will compassion and skill. For personal injury cases of all types and severities, we’ve been known as the accident attorney Bucks County can rely on for more than three decades.

To learn more about our legal services or to schedule a free consultation with our accident lawyer in Bucks County, call (215) 332-0300. And for tips on staying safe at seasonal attractions, visit our post from last week. We wish you a happy and safe Halloween, but if it turns out not to be one, we will be here to help.

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