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With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having here in Bucks County, you’ve likely been spending a good bit of time outside lately – especially if you have a dog! When enjoying spring sunshine with pets, it’s important to remember a few basic incident prevention strategies. Our Bucks County dog bite attorney encourages you to take a few moments to review these guidelines for dog owners:

  1. Maintain control of your dog – Even if your dog is typically well behaved, you should always keep it on a leash when out in public. By making sure your dog stays close to you in places where you may encounter unfamiliar people or animals, you will greatly reduce the risk of an incident occurring.
  2. Don’t leave kids and pets together unattended – No matter how gentle, any animal is capable of hurting a child under certain circumstances (or by accident). Thus, when children and dogs are sharing a play space, there should be an adult supervising at all times.
  3. Train your dog not to jump on people – By nature, dogs don’t realize their own strength. To prevent your furry friend from unintentionally injuring or knocking someone over, our dog bite attorney in Bucks County suggests teaching the command “stay down.”
  4. Make sure your dog gets plenty of social interaction – The more your dog is exposed to other animals and humans, the more comfortable it will be around strangers and the less likely it will be to develop anxiety or aggressive behaviors. So, be sure to prioritize social time with other pets and people!

Springtime goes hand in hand with dog walks and outdoor fetch sessions. Just be sure to enjoy the season safely and responsibly by practicing these tips from our Bucks County dog bite lawyer.

Injured by a Dog? Contact the Heslin Law Firm for Legal Guidance

After more than three decades of working as a dog bite attorney in Bucks County, Gary Heslin knows that accidents can happen even when pet owners and individuals take action to avoid dog-related incidents. In the event that you or someone you love is bitten or otherwise hurt by a dog, you can count on Mr. Heslin to defend your rights and help you seek maximum compensation for injuries.

To schedule a free case evaluation and learn more about why Gary Heslin is the dog bite attorney Bucks County citizens trust, contact the Heslin Law Firm. Should you need it, we are here to offer you and your family our expert legal assistance and advice at any time.

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