How to Avoid Slip and Fall Accidents in Philadelphia This Winter

With severe winter weather comes an increased risk for slips and falls. As a result, countless people are injured each year due to winter-related incidents. Whether they occur at home, at work or at a business, slips and falls can result in all of the following:

  • Serious injuries
  • Missed time from work
  • Increased insurance costs

To decrease the likelihood of having a slip or fall in Philadelphia this winter, it’s important to be mindful of the conditions outdoors and make sure you’re prepared for them. In the workplace, employers should be adamant about putting salt down on sidewalks and in parking lots as well as having snow removed as soon as possible. In addition, employees should exercise caution when driving to/from the office and when walking into work.

Follow Our Tips for Wintertime Safety

Though snow and ice can be very dangerous, there are many easy ways to avoid being the victim of a Philadelphia slip or fall accident during the cold season. To help you stay safe, here are a few recommendations from the Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer at the Heslin Law Firm:

  • When walking on ice or snow, take your time. Stepping slowly and carefully will greatly reduce your risk of falling.
  • Beware of black ice, which tends to lurk in parking lots after snow begins to melt.
  • Wipe your shoes on the rug when entering a building to avoid slipping on the floor. Notify your employer or a staff member if the floor at the entrance is wet.
  • Wear boots or shoes with a non-slip bottom when there is snow or ice on the ground.
  • Never carry things in your arms when walking outdoors in the winter. You want your hands to be free to grab onto something in case of a slip or fall.

Though you can’t stop winter weather from happening, you can stay free of injuries by following the tips that we’ve just laid out.

Injured in a Winter Accident? Trust the Heslin Law Firm

Even when you take extreme precautions, winter-related incidents can still happen. If you’ve sustained injuries in a winter accident that wasn’t your fault, turn to the Heslin Law Firm. For more than 30 years, Mr. Gary P. Heslin has been known as the superior slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia.

Whether your slip or fall occurred while you were out shopping for the holidays or while you were at work, we’ll do our absolute best to get you the compensation you deserve. Interested in a free consultation with our experienced Philadelphia slip and fall attorney? Give us a call today at 215-332-0300. And for more safety tips, visit our blog for our best Philadelphia winter driving tips. Stay safe this winter!

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