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Halloween is here, so it’s time to make your last-minute preparations for this fun and spooky holiday! While you’re busy filling the candy dish and putting the finishing touches on your costume, don’t forget to make sure your house is ready for trick-or-treaters and anyone else who may stop by your home for Halloween festivities. To help ward off accidents on your property, our Bucks County personal injury lawyer recommends completing this Halloween home safety checklist:

  1. Create a clear, well-lit path to your front door – To prevent trips and falls as trick-or-treaters eagerly approach your home, be sure to make an obvious pathway for them. Whether the path is your driveway or just a set of stairs, light up the area and clear any possible hazards from the walkway. And if you choose to set up spooky décor, arrange it in a way that does not obstruct the path.
  2. Survey the rest of your yard for potential hazards, too – Even if you’ve clearly designated a path leading costumed kids to your front door, the reality is they may not use it as they excitedly seek out candy. With this in mind, our Bucks County personal injury attorney suggests picking up any debris in your yard and storing objects like bikes and lawn furniture away for the night.
  3. Keep your pets away from the action – While you may be tempted to let your pets in on the Halloween excitement, it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep your animals confined indoors during trick-or-treat hours. Even dogs and cats who are typically friendly may get spooked by all the visitors and noise, which may cause them to try to escape out the front door or to accidentally hurt a child.
  4. Confirm that your homeowners insurance is up to date – Unfortunately, there’s no way to totally guarantee that an accident won’t occur on your property even when you do your best to make your home as safe as possible for Halloween guests. Thus, our personal injury lawyer in Bucks County suggests erring on the side of caution by contacting your homeowners insurance company to check that your coverage is adequate in case disaster strikes.

By putting this advice from our Bucks County personal injury lawyer into practice, you’ll minimize the chances of an accident happening on your property this Halloween. For more useful accident avoidance tips for fall, review our seasonal pedestrian safety guidelines.

If a Halloween Accident Affects You, Trust Gary Heslin for Legal Help

As we mentioned above, no amount of preparation or precaution can completely ensure that you won’t get hurt while celebrating Halloween, especially if you are doing so away from home. In the event that you or a loved one sustains injuries due to another party’s negligence – on Halloween or any other day of the year – you can rest assured that skilled Bucks County personal injury attorney Gary Heslin will be ready and willing to defend your rights.

For more information on why Gary Heslin is known as a personal injury lawyer Bucks County residents can depend on or to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, call the Heslin Law Firm at (215) 332-0300. We truly hope you don’t need to reach out to us this Halloween season, but in case you do, we will be here to offer sound and caring legal guidance.

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