While not wearing a seat belt might not directly cause a car accident, it could potentially affect your ability to recover damages. Car accidents typically result from various factors, such as reckless driving, negligence, and road conditions, to name a few. Wearing a seat belt is the law in Pennsylvania, and can save your life and prevent serious injuries. Philadelphia Car Crash No Seat Belt

The fact that you weren’t wearing a seat belt at the time of a Philadelphia car accident might be considered in the context of your personal injuries. 

How Failure to Wear a Seat Belt May Affect Your Car Crash Claim

If you weren’t wearing a seat belt at the time of your auto accident, this might not directly affect your ability to file a lawsuit—but it could affect the outcome of your case. 

Seat belts are designed to prevent or reduce the severity of injuries during accidents. If the evidence proves that your injuries could have been less severe had you been wearing a seat belt, it might lead to a reduction in your compensation for accident-related damages. Insurance companies may argue that your injuries would have been less severe or even non-existent had you been properly restrained.

The Importance of a Car Accident Lawyer in No Seat Belt Claims

After your car crash, it’s crucial to consult an experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyer as soon as possible for legal advice and representation after a car accident. Your attorney can outline the state’s view on accident claims involving motorists not wearing seat belts, help gather evidence, deal with insurance companies, and protect your rights. They can provide a clear understanding of the relevant laws in your jurisdiction and advise you on how to best proceed with your case.

In a car accident case involving not wearing a seat belt, your attorney may be particularly helpful in countering any arguments made by insurers that attempt to reduce your compensation due to comparative negligence. A skilled legal team develops a strong case by focusing on the other driver's responsibility for the accident—demonstrating that your injuries were caused primarily by their actions, not because you weren’t wearing a seat belt.

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