While you’re making personal resolutions for the new year, we here at the Heslin Law Firm also recommend taking the time to think about how you can improve workplace safety for yourself and your coworkers. Here are a few ways to do so:

  1. Reflect on last year. When creating your list of workplace safety resolutions for 2016, looking back at any injuries that occurred during the previous year is a good place to start. Based on the incidents that happened, you can make suggestions for what your company can do to improve worker safety in the coming year. For example, take a look at the slip and fall statistics and try to determine how these accidents could have been prevented.
  2. Get together with coworkers to discuss safety guidelines. As an employee, it’s important for you to follow the safety procedures laid out by your company. But how can you do so if you don’t know what these guidelines are? Keep everyone in the know by conducting a safety meeting at the start of each year.
  3. Make sure your work attire/equipment is in good condition. The new year is the perfect time to replace safety apparel that is damaged or worn out. For instance, check that your safety goggles are not scratched or broken, and inspect your work boots for holes and wear on the soles. Taking these steps will keep you safe on the job.
  4. Be prepared for when disaster strikes. In 2016, keep yourself and everyone else at your workplace in the know regarding procedures to be followed during emergencies. This will help everyone stay safe and injury-free if a hazardous situation should occur.

When you bring these 2016 workplace safety resolutions into your work environment, you’ll significantly lessen the risk of injuries for yourself and your coworkers.

Have You Been Injured on the Job? The Heslin Law Firm Can Help

Unfortunately, even the most cautious employees can still be the victims of workplace accidents. If you or someone you love has been hurt on the job, turn to the Heslin Law Firm for a Bucks County workers compensation lawyer you can trust.

When you hire us, we’ll do our best to get you the monetary value you deserve for your physical injuries, suffering, lost wages and more. Mr. Gary P. Heslin, our experienced Bucks County workers compensation attorney, will provide you with personalized assistance to walk you through the process of filing for and receiving benefits for your injuries.

If you’re looking for information on workers compensation in Pennsylvania, visit our website now. In addition, come to our blog for useful winter workplace safety tips. And if you’re ready to set up your free consultation with our workers compensation lawyer in Bucks County, call 215-332-0300. Thanks for reading, and stay safe at work this year!

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