Our Guide to Winter Workplace Safety

If your job requires you to work outdoors year round – even during the frigid winter – then it’s important to take precautions to ensure your safety and health. After all, winter weather can lead to a host of dangerous, potentially deadly health issues, including windburn on the skin, hypothermia, frostbite and more.

To help yourself and your coworkers or employees avoid these conditions, the Heslin Law Firm suggests reminding everyone at your company of these winter workplace safety tips:

  • Avoid working before the sun comes up and after it sets, as these tend to be the coldest times of the day. If possible, aim to do your work when the sun is shining.
  • Make sure that none of your skin is exposed when working outside in temperatures below zero. You should wear protective gear over your face, hands and neck. It’s also a good idea to invest in sunglasses to shield your eyes from winter sun glare.
  • Layer your clothing so that you are prepared for extremely low temperatures. You can always take things off if you get hot throughout the day.
  • Take breaks from being in the cold every few hours.
  • Never work alone in dangerous winter weather conditions such as snow and sleet. Instead, work in a pair or group.
  • Wear multiple pairs of socks and insulated boots to keep your feet warm, and keep your gloves or mittens on at all times when working in the cold.
  • Look out for signs of frostbite, which include loss of feeling, grayish-yellow skin and extremely cold skin. If you or someone else begins to show these symptoms, take the person to a warm area immediately and seek medical assistance.

We hope you and the rest of your business will benefit from these winter workplace safety tips. By following them, you’ll greatly reduce your chance of being the victim of a winter-weather injury or health issue. Interested in more great content from us? Check out our blog to read about our services as a Bucks County dog bite lawyer.

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