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Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop for inclement weather, and there is still work that must be done on winter days when road conditions are precarious and temperatures are dangerously low. As if commuting in the cold wasn’t bad enough, those who work outdoors must face harsh conditions for extended periods of time during winter. If you’re one of these dedicated employees, our Bucks County workers compensation attorney would like to offer a few pieces of advice to help you get through the season without accidents or serious health consequences:

  • Make yourself easy to spot – Whether you’re working on a construction site, in a parking lot or on the road, be sure to wear a brightly colored jacket or vest. Taking this precaution will help others know you’re there in the event that wintry weather causes reduced visibility.
  • Take care of your eyes – Did you know that UV rays are nearly twice as powerful when reflected by snow? Thus, it’s important to protect your eyes from sun damage (and the wind) by wearing sunglasses or tinted safety goggles whenever you’re doing an outdoor job. You’ll also want to keep some eyedrops on hand since working in frigid weather will likely leave you with dry eyes.
  • Act to prevent cold overexposure – Even when you’re bundled up, being out in the chilly winter air for long periods of time can take a serious toll on your body. To avoid dangerous cold-related conditions like frostbite and hypothermia, be sure to take breaks throughout the day in a warm space that offers shelter from the wind. Our workers compensation attorney in Bucks County also recommends familiarizing yourself with the signs of cold overexposure, which include skin discoloration and loss of feeling in the affected body part.
  • Mitigate slip and fall risks – Before starting a job, our Bucks County workers compensation lawyer highly encourages you to clear any snow and ice from your work area. While it may delay your starting time a bit, completing this simple safety step is well worth it to prevent slip and fall injuries that could result in pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and other consequences.

There’s no doubt that working outdoors during the coldest season of the year is a difficult and dangerous job. Fortunately, adhering to these guidelines from our workers compensation attorney in Bucks County can make working in wintry conditions a bit less risky.

We Offer Legal Assistance for Injured Employees in Bucks County

If you’ve been hurt while on the job – whether the incident was related to winter weather or some other factor – it’s possible that your employer may be held partially or fully liable for your injuries. In order to receive compensation, however, you will need to prove that negligence on the part of your employer contributed to the accident in some way.

With a 30-year reputation for being a workers compensation attorney Bucks County residents can rely on, Gary Heslin is highly skilled in navigating the complex legal process for work accident cases. When you call on him for legal assistance, he will carefully evaluate your case and, if applicable, help you secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

To schedule a free consultation with Mr. Heslin or to learn more about his formidable track record of successful case outcomes, call the Heslin Law Firm office at (215) 332-0300. We are always here to answer any questions you may have and to provide reliable legal representation if needed.

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