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Whether you’ve acquired a small cut or taken a major fall, your first action after being hurt on the job should be to report the injury to your supervisor. Even if the accident doesn’t seem like it will have any long-term effects, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

After all, if you fail to report an accident and then end up needing treatment for your injuries, your employer can refuse to give you time off from work for recovery. In addition, your health insurance company may question why the accident was not reported by your employer and refuse to give you compensation for medical treatment.

It’s also vital to report workplace incidents soon after they happen – the less time you waste, the less likely you are to encounter issues in the future. If you fail to report the accident within a certain time period (24 hours for most companies), your employer may deny that the incident occurred or insist that it happened outside of work. In turn, you may even receive a formal reprimand or suspension without pay for failing to report the accident in a timely manner. As you can see, there can be grave consequences for not informing your employer if you’ve sustained an injury on the job.

Severely Injured? Call a Philadelphia and Bucks County Work Injury Lawyer

If your work-related injury progresses to the point that you need medical care or time off of work for recovery, trust the Heslin Law Firm to handle your case. As the work injury attorney Philadelphia and Bucks County residents have depended on for more than 30 years, Mr. Gary P. Heslin will work tirelessly to get you the compensation to which you’re entitled.

As an experienced attorney, Mr. Heslin knows that insurance companies like to do everything possible to try to minimize your settlement. To defend your rights, he’ll investigate your case and help you decide which type of settlement to accept. Typically, your options will be:

  • A lump sum settlement
  • Weekly or bi-weekly benefits

By choosing Mr. Heslin to negotiate your case, you’ll have the best possible chance of getting what you deserve for your work-related injuries.

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