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In order to keep your yard from turning into a jungle, running the lawnmower every few weeks is essential in the summertime. As you settle into your lawn-mowing routine this summer, it’s important to refresh your memory on proper lawnmower safety procedures to prevent injuries to yourself and others. We urge you to be especially adamant about lawnmower safety as it relates to young children, as they are the most likely victims of lawnmower accidents.

So what can you do to stay safe while you trim the grass? Our Bucks County child injury attorney is here to advise:

  1. Don’t allow young children on your riding mower – Riding along while mom or dad mows the lawn is a thrilling activity for youngsters, but it’s also a dangerous one. Children can fall or be thrown off of the lawn mower in the blink of an eye, leading to broken bones, lacerations or more severe injuries. With this in mind, children younger than 16 should never be allowed on a riding lawnmower. For push mowers, the recommended minimum age is slightly younger – 12 years old. If you decide to let a minor operate a lawnmower of any sort, you may want to supervise.
  2. Drive with care – When you take your lawnmower out of the shed, make sure you are well rested and ready to focus on operating the machine. If sunset is approaching, think twice about mowing the lawn unless your mower is equipped with powerful headlights. Furthermore, be sure to check behind you before shifting the lawnmower into reverse – failure to do so is one of the top causes of children being injured or killed by lawnmowers.
  3. Keep kids out of the yard – Summer is the perfect time to play outside, so your kids will probably put up a fight if you tell them they have to stay indoors while you mow the lawn. However, it’s risky for them to be on the grass when a lawnmower is running. To compromise, consider having another responsible adult take your kids to the park while you mow to ensure that they are out of harm’s way but can still enjoy the nice weather.
  4. Pick up yard debris prior to mowing – Before starting up the lawnmower, you should walk around your yard and collect any branches, rocks, toys and other extraneous items that could cause injuries if thrown by the mower. Be especially thorough about removing debris near sidewalks to ensure that any adults or children who happen to walk by do not get struck by flying objects.

Whether you use a riding lawnmower or a walk-behind lawnmower to tame your grass, following these steps will help you steer clear of lawnmower-related catastrophes this season.

Consult Us for Help with Lawnmower Accident Cases

If your child has sustained injuries from a lawnmower incident, you have enough to worry about – leave the legal work to Mr. Gary P. Heslin, our experienced child injury lawyer in Bucks County. Mr. Heslin has been fighting for the rights of injured children and their families for more than three decades, giving him the skills and knowledge needed to seek justice for you.

To speak with Mr. Heslin about your case, call (215) 332-0300. And for more tips on protecting your children from summertime injuries, be sure to read our blog post on this subject. Remember: if you need legal assistance, the Heslin Law Firm will be on your side. That’s why we’re known as the child injury attorney Bucks County can depend on.

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Tina 09/13/2020 01:39 AM
You also need to be able to use the lawn mowers correctly so that they don't break! Likewise, children should know! It is written very well here http://grassshackrecords.com/
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John carry 10/21/2021 02:39 PM
Mowing the lawn can be a dangerous task for children. In fact, according to SafeKids.org, there are more than 130,000 emergency room visits due to residential lawnmower accidents every year. These injuries include lacerations and puncture wounds from blades and objects in the yard that have been hit by the mower blade, as well as amputation or loss of fingers or toes from being pulled into a running engine. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent these types of incidents when your little ones are out playing on their own backyard turf: 1) Make sure they wear proper safety gear such as goggles and gloves while operating any type of equipment in your backyard; 2) Keep all toys and objects away from the mower while it is running;
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souad 04/05/2022 02:48 PM
I have both: a push mower
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mahfous ahmed 04/05/2022 03:18 PM
you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. that's how everyone should know !There is a lot of good writing here .
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mahfous ahmed 04/05/2022 03:21 PM
you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. that's how everyone should know !There is a lot of good writing here
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