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Unless you’re on vacation (lucky you!), you probably know what’s going on with the SEPTA Regional Rail system. Last weekend, SEPTA removed 120 of their Silverliner V passenger cars from service due to a “significant structural defect.” SEPTA officials discovered cracks in a key load-bearing component of the Silverliner V’s, their newest rail cars. Cars will remain sidelined until repairs are made.

So, what does this mean for commuters? We’ve lost 120 cars, which is approximately ⅓ of the Regional Rail fleet, accounting for about 13,000 available seats. Yikes. That means morning and evening rush hour will be especially chaotic. Here are some tips to help get you through the coming weeks!

  1. Study the new schedule. Make sure you’re looking at the right schedule before you head to the train. SEPTA will operate a modified Saturday schedule on Regional Rail in place of their Weekday service. Get the schedules here, and keep an eye out for updates.
  2. Take the bus. You might want to avoid the Regional Rail altogether if you can manage it. Make use of other transportation options, such as buses, the High Speed Line, or the Trolley Transit network.
  3. Download the SEPTA app. If you have a smartphone, you should download the SEPTA app to bring the entire SEPTA transit network right to your fingertips. Find out how late your train is, when the next one is arriving, and where to catch the bus if you miss your train.
  4. Carpool or telecommute. If you can’t take a bus or subway, see if you can carpool with someone. If your job allows it, telecommuting may be a wise idea – at least for the time being.
  5. Practice patience. This is probably the most challenging part! Expect to be squished on the train. Expect to wake up earlier, get to work late, and get home later than usual. It’s inconvenient and it’s uncomfortable, but it won’t last forever. Make sure you have a good book and some headphones on hand to keep you occupied!

Needless to say, things are a little hectic in Philly right now. And despite our (and SEPTA’s) best efforts, accidents still happen. You may even see more accidents occurring while everyone’s schedules continue to be thrown out of whack. Make sure you know your options in the event of a SEPTA incident. Contact Philadelphia SEPTA accident attorney Gary Heslin for legal guidance at (215) 332-0300, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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