Throughout his more than 30 years as a Bucks County car accident attorney, Mr. Gary P. Heslin has represented victims of all types of motor vehicle accidents. And unfortunately, many of these accidents have involved teenage drivers. If you have a child who is learning to drive or has just gotten his or her license, we recommend reading up on these teen driving tips for young drivers and their parents:

  • Prepare an emergency kit for your teen driver to keep in the trunk. This should include items such as jumper cables, a first-aid kit and a flashlight. Knowing your teen is prepared for emergencies will give you peace of mind when he or she is out on the road.
  • Teach your teen driver how to drive in bad weather conditions. When your child learns how to drive, it is important for him or her to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to handle a skid or hydroplaning incident. Educate your child on the correct procedures for doing so, and consider enrolling him or her in a teen driving class that focuses on preparing for these unique and dangerous risks.
  • Get a safe car for your teen. While it may be cheaper to let your teen drive one of your old, beat-up cars, this probably isn’t the safest option. The car that your child drives should have good crash safety ratings and modern airbags, seat belts and other safety measures.
  • Establish driving rules for your child. Driving gives teens the freedom to go places by themselves, but as the parent, you are still ultimately in charge of when and where they are allowed to drive. Consider establishing a curfew and other conditions that your child needs to abide for the first few months of having his or her license.

By following these teen driving tips and encouraging your child to do the same, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of him or her being in a motor vehicle accident.

Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Bucks County? Trust the Heslin Law Firm

No matter how careful your teen driver is, accidents can still happen. And sometimes, they are the fault of another negligent person, not your child! That’s why the Heslin Law Firm exists as a Bucks County car accident attorney. When you hire us, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation into the negligent parties and make sure they are held responsible for their actions. In turn, we will do our best to get the maximum amount of compensation for you and your family.

To schedule a free consultation with the car accident lawyer Bucks County trusts, call (215) 332-0300. Furthermore, read up on Bucks County snow safety tips by visiting our blog. We look forward to serving you or your loved one.

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