Car Care Tips

Summer is the perfect time for road trips to the beach, mountains, or wherever else you like to go. But before you head out on a long trip in your car, it’s important to do some maintenance to ensure that the vehicle is ready to endure the summertime heat. To help you prepare your ride for hot weather, the Heslin Law Firm would like to give you some summer car care tips that will keep your vehicle running smoothly and lessen the chance of your vacation being interrupted by car troubles:

  1. Check the cooling system. With sizzling summer heat comes the risk of your car’s engine overheating. In order to prevent this disaster from occuring, open up the hood and make sure there are no leaks or cracks in the hoses. While you’re at it, take a look at the reservoir level–it should be halfway full. If it’s lower than that, you’ll want to add some coolant or antifreeze. Taking these steps will lower the risk of an overheating crisis, but even so there’s still a chance that it could happen. Play it safe and keep an eye on the vehicle’s temperature gauge during summer drives. If it begins to approach the “high” level or smoke starts puffing out of the engine, you should immediately pull over and turn on the heat; this will actually help pull hot air out of the engine. After doing this step, give the engine a few minutes to cool down and return to a normal state – trying to drive the car right away could cause more damage.
  2. Ditch your winter tires. If you use winter tires during the cold season, be sure to switch to regular tires for the hot weather. By doing so, you’ll improve your car’s speed, handling, and fuel efficiency. Don’t feel like having to change your tires throughout the year? A set of all-season tires might be your best option.
  3. Make sure the brakes work well. Brakes tend to wear down faster in hot weather; therefore, it’s wise to do periodic checks on your brake pads to make sure they are still in good working condition. Having good brakes will help you avoid accidents, especially when driving during summer thunderstorms.
  4. Be smart about towing. Before attaching a boat, trailer, camper or any other item to your vehicle, check that you won’t be exceeding the gross vehicle weight (GVW) by doing so. And when you put the hitch on your car, make sure it is fastened securely with the safety chains attached. This will prevent towing-related mishaps while on the road.

Once you’ve completed this checklist of handy car care tips, you’ll be ready to go on summertime adventures in your vehicle!

Hurt in a Car Accident? Mr. Heslin Can Help

In addition to issues with your vehicle, car accidents are another hazard of summer driving. If you or a loved one is injured by a negligent driver, contact Mr. Gary P. Heslin, the car accident lawyer Bucks County has trusted for more than 30 years. You can get in touch by visiting the Heslin Law Firm website or by calling (215) 332-0300. And for more driving safety tips from our Bucks County car accident attorney, check out our past blog posts. Thanks for reading, and have a fun and safe rest of the summer!

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