Bucks County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you own a motorcycle, you’re most likely thrilled that favorable riding weather has returned! But before you get back on your bike for a springtime adventure, it’s of chief importance that you brush up on motorcycle safety. To help prepare yourself to ride safely this season, our Bucks County motorcycle accident lawyer recommends reviewing these common causes of motorcycle crashes along with our tips for avoiding them:

  • Slippery roads – Rain decreases traction between your motorcycle’s wheels and the road, thus making an accident more likely. Springtime is typically quite wet here in Bucks County, so be sure you know how to reduce the risk when riding during or shortly after a rainstorm. That is, increase your following distance, slow down and avoid any sudden braking or acceleration.
  • Uneven pavement – Road defects can pop up during any season, but they’re especially common in spring – that’s why it’s known as “pothole season.” Going over uneven pavement can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle, so do your best to steer around these spots. If you can’t avoid them, reduce your speed as much as possible and keep your hands firmly on the hand grips to maintain a straight course. And remember: Standing water can conceal uneven pavement, so steer clear of puddles.
  • A lack of visibility – Because they’re a fraction of the size, motorcycles are more difficult to see than other vehicles on the road. Thus, it’s no big surprise that cars pulling out in front of motorcycles is another frequently occurring type of incident. To prevent this from happening to you, turn your lights on and check that they’re properly adjusted and functioning well before each ride. Our Bucks County motorcycle accident attorney also advises wearing a brightly colored, reflective jacket or vest to make yourself stand out.

Riding a motorcycle can be risky business if you aren’t careful to take precautions against roadway risks. Thus, it’s essential to follow these tips from our motorcycle accident lawyer in Bucks County if you’re traveling by motorbike this spring.

The Heslin Law Firm Seeks Justice for Motorcycle Accident Victims

All too often, motorcycles and cars collide. If you are involved in such an incident, a skilled Bucks County motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you by investigating how the accident occurred and determining who should be held liable. Once this has been done, this legal professional can then help you pursue maximum compensation for your injuries.

If you’re seeking a motorcycle accident lawyer Bucks County has depended on for decades, consider attorney Gary Heslin. With more than 30 years of experience defending the rights of motorcycle accident victims, Mr. Heslin will make it his personal mission to recover the compensation you deserve for medical bills, missed work time and other losses.

To learn more about what makes Mr. Heslin a highly qualified choice for your legal representation or to schedule a free consultation, contact. We wish you and your family an accident-free spring, but in case it doesn’t turn out that way, we will be here to offer our expert legal guidance.

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