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Spring is known as the season for cleaning and reorganizing. Taking time to eliminate clutter can make one feel more relaxed and help reduce the chance of accidents in the home. Regular decluttering is especially important for the elderly, as they are more susceptible to slip and fall accidents as well as serious injuries such as broken bones. If you have an elderly loved one who lives with you or on their own, our Bucks County accident attorney recommends completing these steps to make their living space as safe as possible:

  1. Get rid of unnecessary items – The more “stuff” there is in one’s home, the higher the likelihood of a trip and fall incident. With this in mind, you should eliminate or store away items that your elderly loved one doesn’t really use or need. This includes furniture, appliances, etc.
  2. Make sure there’s an unobstructed walkway in each room – Once you’ve removed unneeded things, your next task should be to check that there is a clear path for walking through every room. To help prevent the accumulation of clutter, develop an easy-to-follow system your loved one can use to keep their belongings orderly and out of their walkways.
  3. Confirm that medications are properly labeled and stored – Take a look in the medicine cabinet and make sure all medications are being stored in their original bottles and in the proper conditions. Check the dates and take any expired or unneeded medications to your local prescription drug drop-off location.
  4. Invest in senior-friendly cleaning equipment – If your aging loved one still performs household chores, equip them to do so safely. Choose cleaning tools that are lightweight and cordless to prevent injuries. Further, our accident attorney in Bucks County suggests reminding seniors that they should never attempt to move furniture or other heavy items without someone there to help.

By assisting a senior you care about with these spring cleaning tasks, you can help to improve both the orderliness and safety of their residence.

Bucks County Accident Lawyer Gary Heslin Defends the Rights of Elderly Individuals

Even when senior citizens take precautions to minimize their fall risk, accidents can still happen at home or elsewhere. In the event that a member of your family is injured and you believe someone else’s negligence contributed to the accident, you may have a personal injury claim.

Gary Heslin, a top-rated accident attorney in Bucks County, is here to offer reliable legal guidance and to help you seek compensation if you wish to do so. Mr. Heslin has been skillfully representing accident victims for more than thirty years, and he is ready to stand up for your family should you need the assistance of a legal expert.

To schedule a free case evaluation with the accident attorney Bucks County depends on, contact the Heslin Law Firm. No matter how minor or severe the accident, Mr. Heslin will be tireless in his pursuit to seek justice for you and those you love.

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