Motorcyclists face a higher risk of being in an accident, especially during colder weather. It’s best to keep in mind some safety tips that can help prevent motorcycle accidents. Remember, a split-second loss of judgment by any driver can result in a serious life-threatening personal injury.

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

The most obvious motorcycle safety tip we can provide is to wear a helmet. According to, a motorcyclist not wearing a helmet is 40 percent more likely to die of a head injury than one who wears a helmet. The most common type of injury involved in a motorcycle accident is brain injury. A simple helmet can make all the difference. Wearing a helmet also prevents fewer injuries to the neck and spine areas.

Motorcycle drivers tend to go unnoticed by other drivers due to the smaller size of the cycle. Left turns can be one of the riskiest parts of driving for motorcyclists and is the leading cause of injuries. It’s best to assume other drivers don’t see you, and take appropriate measures to keep yourself safe, safety experts state.

Cold Weather Driving

Weather and road conditions put drivers at a greater risk for accidents. The Department of Transportation states that a quarter of annual auto accidents and motorcycle accidents are due to inclement weather. Conditions may include rain, snow, sleet, fog, and water on pavement. Riding a motorcycle is risky enough. If you plan to set out on a trip, make sure the weather is suitable.

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