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For many children, playing outside in the snow is one of the highlights of winter. However, the fun and excitement of outdoor recreation can easily be spoiled by an injury during the snowy season. On the playground in particular, winter brings a long list of potential hazards, many of which aren’t a concern in other seasons. To help you keep your children safe, our Bucks County school accident lawyer would like to draw your attention to the most common causes of winter playground injuries:

  • Playground equipment that is slippery due to snow, ice or freezing rain
  • Frozen or icy ground cover that does not offer adequate fall padding
  • Ice or snow that disguises holes or sharp objects on the playground
  • Snow piles or ice buildup which may fall off of playground equipment and trap or injure a child

In addition to hazards stemming from wintry precipitation, our school accident lawyer in Bucks County also urges you to be cognizant of how certain winter attire can increase the risk of a playground accident. Keep in mind that scarves and hoods/hats with strings can pose a strangulation hazard on the playground, and slippery snow pants can cause kids to go dangerously fast down the slide.

Gary Heslin Protects the Rights of Children Injured at School

In light of the various dangers that may be present on the playground in winter, it is imperative for kids to be under close adult supervision at all times. Unfortunately, however, there is no way for you to absolutely guarantee that your children are being carefully watched while they play during school recess.

In the event that your child is injured on the playground at school, your family may be entitled to compensation depending on the circumstances of the incident. A Bucks County school accident lawyer can help you investigate what happened in order to ascertain who, if anyone, should be held liable. If a factor such as inadequate supervision or improperly maintained playground equipment contributed to the accident, your attorney can then help you prove this and seek financial compensation for your child’s injuries.

Bucks County School Accident Lawyer

Known as the school accident lawyer Bucks County families can trust to fight for their rights, Gary Heslin is a qualified choice for legal representation in a child injury case. If a child you love has been injured on the playground or elsewhere at school, Mr. Heslin is here to discuss your legal options and help you decide how to best proceed.

To schedule a free consultation with our talented school accident lawyer in Bucks County, call the Heslin Law Firm at (215) 332-0300. We are here to answer any questions you may have and to provide sound, dependable legal advice.

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