Have you been hurt while working at a company in the Philadelphia area? Chances are you’re battling physical pain and financial hardships during this unfortunate time. However, when you hire the Heslin Law Firm as your workers compensation settlement attorney in Philly, we’ll help you sort out your situation and get the financial reimbursement you deserve.

While workers compensation laws are made to assist people who are hurt on the job, insurance companies will do everything they can to give you the lowest possible amount for settlement. Therefore, it’s essential to have an experienced Philadelphia workers compensation settlement attorney on your side to get you the full amount to which you’re entitled.

Get Help from the Workers Compensation Settlement Lawyer Philly Trusts

Here at the Heslin Law Firm, we’re dedicated to protecting your rights. Talented lawyer Gary P. Heslin has over thirty years of experience in helping accident victims recover their losses. Now, he’s ready to work for you.

As your Philly workers compensation attorney, Mr. Heslin will assist you in get your weekly or bi-weekly benefits. He’ll make sure that you file all of the necessary information correctly and on time. If your insurance company tries to terminate your benefits early, he’ll fight to stop this from happening.

Let Us Assist You in Negotiating Your Settlement

When you’ve been injured at work, you have the option of taking a lump sum settlement instead of incremented payments. Agreeing to this settlement means that your employer won’t be required to give you any money for medical bills or other accident-related costs in the future. While it may seem great to get all of the money at once, it can actually be foolish to do. This is because the insurance company may not give you enough to cover future medical payments and lost wages.

On the other hand, lump sum settlements can have many benefits in some scenarios. Let us determine the most advantageous course of action for your case as your workers compensation lawyer in Philadelphia. In addition, watch this informational video to learn more about lump sum settlements.

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If you’re ready to get what you deserve for your work-related injuries, then it’s time to get in touch with the Heslin Law Firm. To do so, just call 215-332-0300 or fill our contact form. We look forward to showing you why we’re the workers compensation settlement attorney Philadelphia residents trust!

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