Philadelphia Winter Driving Tips from the Heslin Law Firm

Severe weather such as snow and freezing rain makes winter the most dangerous season for driving. Are you prepared for the roadway hazards that the coldest season of the year brings? Take a look at our Philadelphia winter driving tips to learn how to face severe weather when traveling:

  • Before winter arrives, you should inspect your car to ensure it’s ready to handle slippery roads. Examine the tread on your tires for wear and make sure your heat is functioning correctly. In addition, check your oil and fluid levels as you normally would to prevent breakdowns in the cold.
  • Keep an emergency kit filled with a hat, gloves, warm clothing, water, food, blankets and other supplies in your trunk.
  • If your vehicle breaks down or you become stuck during a snowstorm, it’s best to stay with the vehicle. It offers shelter and warmth, and it serves as an object by which rescuers can identify you. Plus, it’s risky to leave your car during heavy snow – you may not be able to find your way back due to poor visibility.
  • When driving in any type of precipitation, increase your following distance to 8-10 seconds. That way, you’ll have more time to stop if needed.
  • If your car starts to skid, remain calm and try not to slam on the brakes. Look and steer where you want to go at all times.
  • Never use cruise control when driving in snow or rain.
  • Always clear all of the snow and ice off of your windshield before driving. Failing to do so will detract from your visibility.
  • Take your time when driving in severe weather. Driving slowly and carefully will greatly reduce your chance of getting into an accident.

Following these winter driving tips in Philadelphia can greatly assist you in avoiding weather-related hazards. But the only surefire way to prevent wintertime accidents is to stay home when the weather gets bad. Even if you are an experienced snow driver, there will be plenty of people on the road who are not! Therefore, it’s best to play it safe and wait for the storm to pass before driving.

Cold Weather Collision? Call the Heslin Law Firm

Even when you follow all of the Philadelphia winter driving tips we’ve just laid out, you still run the risk of getting into an accident. If you’re involved in a motor vehicle crash caused by another driver, trust the Heslin Law Firm to handle your case. For over thirty years, we’ve been helping auto accident victims fight for their rights. Now, we’re ready to work for you.

Give us a call today at 215-332-0300 to schedule your free initial consultation. Furthermore, read up on the PA bicycle laws by visiting our blog. From all of us here at the Heslin Law Firm, stay safe this winter!

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