When drivers cannot detect if the car ahead of them is going as fast as they are, a rear-end accident often occurs. If you spend a lot of time in traffic, chances are you have either had, or came close to having, an accident. One of the most common kinds of accidents are rear-end accidents. There were 1.8 million of them in 2006, which was 29 percent of all the crashes in the United States. At Georgia Tech, engineering psychologists created an animation to simulate a rear-end accident scenario and test drivers’ braking behavior. They found that drivers generally aren’t able to detect when the car in front of them is going slower than they are, unless the difference in speed is at least eight to ten miles an hour.

Some tips for avoiding rear-end collisions:

  1. Make sure your brake lights are functioning properly.  If they are not working, the fix is quick and inexpensive and can be done at most any maintenance facility.
  2. Use your rearview mirrors to avoid rear-end accidents.  You should always use the inside rearview mirror to see what is directly behind you, while using the outside mirrors to view the surrounding area behind you.
  3. Be aware of aggressive drivers.  If you see an aggressive driver, do your best to move away from him/her as safely and quickly as possible.  If you feel threatened by a driver and have the ability to contact the police with a hands-free device, you can potentially avoid having yourself or someone else being harmed.
  4. Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and those in front of and behind you.  This will allow you enough time to brake and stop your vehicle and give the person behind you enough time to react and stop safely. When possible, move out of the way of vehicles following too closely behind you.

Always be alert when you are driving and be aware of your surroundings.  By following the steps above and paying close attention to other vehicles, you will reduce the chances of a rear-end accident.

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