Victims of accidents know how devastating the experience can be, especially when dealing with life-threatening injuries. Deciding to take legal action against a negligent party who caused the accident and injuries can sometimes be difficult. If you find yourself in a situation like this, consulting with a personal injury lawyer may be the way to go.

Serious personal injuries need serious personal care. It’s a good idea not to settle for the first attorney you find. It’s best to get advice on your personal injury claim from a lawyer who has experience representing seriously injured clients. A sense of trust is also important. There are some general steps you can take to help ensure you’re getting the attorney you need.

1. Find an Attorney Who Is Skilled in Your Specific Area

A simple Google search for a Philadelphia lawyer will list hundreds of attorneys. To help narrow your search, decide which specific area you need help with. For example, if you were involved in a slip and fall accident and have a serious head injury, search for a Philadelphia attorney who has experience with this practice area. His website should contain information on the injury and how to proceed.

2. Make Sure Your Lawyer Will Take the Time to Communicate

When filing a personal injury claim, communication can play a key role in the outcome of your case. It’s a good idea to interview or consult with several lawyers to find one you feel comfortable with. Many offer free consultations. The process of a personal injury case requires communication regarding your injury, medical treatment, and current status. A lawyer who will not communicate with you directly is one to avoid.

3. Get a Referral

Sometimes the best way to find the right attorney can come from word of mouth. You may have a family attorney who knows of an experienced injury attorney or friends who recently hired one. If not, check with your local bar association or insurance company to see if either can recommend the right attorney.

4. Ask the Attorney About His Personal Injury Firm

Ask the lawyer how long he has been in practice and how often he deals with personal injury cases. Will he personally handle your case or pass it along to another less experienced attorney? In many offices, more than one lawyer may work on the same case. Passing routine tasks to a less experienced lawyer is common.

The Heslin Law Firm Offers Free Consultations

We hope these tips have been helpful if you were involved in an accident due to the negligence of another person and are looking to take legal action. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office. The Heslin Law Firm is a personal injury firm located in Northeast Philadelphia. Gary Heslin has over 30 years of experience helping injured victims recover financial compensation. Contact us for a free consultation.

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