In a hypothetical scenario, let’s say you were hurt in an accident that could have been prevented if the property owner, negligent driver, or liable party showed more care in their actions. Your initial thoughts are on what’s most important: your health. After the shock of the accident has begun to wear off, you may think to yourself that you need a lawyer. You may feel helpless seeing the mounting medical bills that are due to your injuries. Not only that, activities you once enjoyed may no longer be possible. Some never recover from their debilitating injuries. If you’re in Philadelphia looking for a lawyer, then you will have a lot of options. It’s important to choose a Philadelphia lawyer who specializes in your specific case, such as car accidents and injury.

Many Lawyers to Choose From in Philly

In this day and age, looking for a lawyer is as simple as a Google search, but with so many to choose from, how do you know your lawyer is the right one to pick? One tip we can give is to narrow your search to a specific practice area and location. For instance, instead of searching for a lawyer in the entire city of Philadelphia or the state of Pennsylvania, look for a personal injury lawyer in the Northeast area instead. Those listed toward the top for a search term of “Northeast Philadelphia personal injury lawyer,” for example, are there because they’re likely active in their online marketing. This includes having a Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, and more. In order to show up on the front page of Google, the law firm needs to stay active as well, which includes blog posts such as this.

Another thing to look for is case results showing large settlements. Be wary, though. Some will simply show long lists of massive results that they didn’t necessarily get themselves. There’s always some sort of disclaimer that allows them to do such a thing. Look for a lawyer that has relatively large settlements, but ones that are believable. If you are looking to employ a lawyer in Philadelphia that owns a small law firm, and they’re consistently posting enormous settlements, ask them about it. I won’t say that they’re lying, as they could very well be that successful, but chances are, there’s a catch.

What Is Your Injury?

Another important aspect of having a case for a personal injury attorney involves actually having an injury that needed medical treatment. If it’s simply property damage, chances are you can handle it yourself. As long as there is a negligent party that caused your injuries, you can most likely sue for financial compensation that helps pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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