Accident injuries can be devastating, and when you need the best personal injury attorney for your case, how do you find one when a Google search will list hundreds of lawyers in the Philadelphia area? It’s crucial to pick an injury attorney who will always be on your side no matter what. Insurance companies and adjusters can be intimidating for injury victims. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, you no longer need to worry about that. At the Heslin Law Firm, Gary Heslin goes out of his way to inform clients about the law to maximize their case settlement.

Experienced Attorney Gary Heslin

What sets Gary Heslin apart from other personal injury attorney’s is his patience and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure his clients are happy. With over 30 years of experience, clients in Philadelphia can expect absolute satisfaction. Our website provides in-depth information regarding the law. On a consistent basis, we write new blog posts, publish videos, stay active on our social media, write articles about different types of injuries and auto insurance, and even send out monthly newsletters.

Recently, we wrote about winter weather driving to prevent auto accidents, workers’ compensation, types of personal injury, and why you should shovel your property to prevent a slip and fall accident.

Contact Us: Don’t Go Another Day With Your Injury

The Heslin Law Firm is a small firm located in Northeast Philadelphia. We help clients get the financial compensation they deserve to get over their personal injury and move forward. We’re willing to get involved and go the extra mile to help you feel at ease. Contact our office for a free consultation.

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