After a car accident, the most important step to take is calling the police and filing an accident report. When the officer arrives, he will walk you through the process. He will ask a series of questions about the car accident to help piece together accurate information. He will then interview the other driver and possibly witnesses and passengers. Keeping composure after an auto accident can be nearly impossible. You may be facing serious injuries and damage to your car that will likely be expensive to repair.

The only thing on your mind may be your physical or financial well-being, which is understandable; however, explaining what happened to the police in a calm manner is key. Be sure to also ask for the officer’s card in case you need to contact him later.

After the Accident

When the police officer who arrived at the scene determines he has enough information, he will submit the car accident report to his department. It’s possible that the officer may cite one or both drivers for traffic violations. In most cases, you can obtain a copy of the report a day or two after it is filed. When submitting your claim to the insurance company, you may need to include the police report.

Why File a Police Report?

Depending on where you live, you may be required to contact the police. And even if it’s not a requirement, you should still do so no matter how severe the damage and injuries. Damage done to a car after the accident isn’t always apparent right after the fact. The same is true for any injuries you may have sustained. Parties involved in the auto accident may have different stories, as well. Having an official document put together by a third party can help prevent any “he said, she said” conflicts.

A police report also facilitates the claims process with the insurance company, which can lead to a quicker payment. Car insurance companies will view a police report as an important part of the accident, as will the judicial system, should you need a car accident lawyer.

Accident Claims

While reporting the auto accident to the police and having them make an official report should always be done, filing a claim with the insurance company isn’t mandatory. If it is a property damage claim, the damage is relatively minor, and you have a high deductible, it may be best to pay the expenses directly without involving the insurance company.

Why You Need a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer

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Great job explaining how a police report in a car accident can help insurance investigation. I recently learned how to drive and I am looking forward to buying a car. I appreciate this information because in case I have this kind of problem, I would like to be fully prepared, thanks for sharing.
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