During mid-summer, Gary Heslin gave a lecture to young attorneys regarding pool safety in Philadelphia. Several years ago, Gary represented a family whose 14-year- old son was found submerged and drowned at the bottom of a public swimming pool. The family wanted understand what happened and asked Gary to assist them. Boy drowns in public swimming pool

Gary Heslin Determines the Cause of the Accident

On the day of the incident, it was very crowded and sunny. There were many lifeguards present, which makes it difficult to believe this sort of thing could have occurred. As part of the investigation, Gary Heslin employed a swimming pool expert. They went to the pool and were able to determine why this tragedy happened and how it could have been prevented. The height of the lifeguard stand was to blame.

On this sunny day, the lifeguards were picking up the reflection of the sun on the surface of the pool, which greatly affected their view. If you ever visit a public swimming pool, please make sure the lifeguard stand is at an optimal height, so this sort of thing never happens again.

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