Winter is finally on its way out, and spring is approaching. After facing single-digit weather, potholes, and ice and snow, now is a great time to get your car back in shape.

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Warmer Temperatures

As winter ends and temperatures rise, a different type of strategy for car care is necessary. Here are some tips for getting your vehicle in optimal form for spring and summer:

1. After winter, not everyone takes off their snow tires. While these tires may work exceptionally well in cold and snowy weather, they’re not ideal in normal or wet conditions and can deter stopping performance. They also wear out very quickly if not used in conditions they’re meant for. If you have winter tires on, make sure you wash them completely to remove salt spray because this can cause corrosion. Once clean, store them in a cool, dry place.

2. As everyone in Philadelphia probably knows, potholes can cause some real damage to a car’s suspension. No matter what tires you use, check the evenness of the wear across the width of the tread. If you notice that the tire tread is uneven in parts, you should look into having your tires aligned. Ignoring this will force an early tire replacement.

3. Spring and summer mean the possibility for heavy rain, so you’ll want a tire that can resist hydroplaning. A tire with a decent amount of tread is what you’ll want. Try the quarter test. This is a test to determine if your tread is high enough. If you have about one-eighth of an inch of tread depth, consider shopping for new tires.

4. When shopping for new tires for your car, you may wonder if you should replace all four tires at the same time. It is suggested that do so for the best balance and handling during dry and wet weather. Then have your tires routinely rotated. If you don’t want to replace all tires, place the two new tires on the back for better handling.

5. Be sure to check your inflation pressure, as well. Tires that are underinflated can cause heat build-up, so during summer, keep your tires inflated properly to survive the summer heat. For the proper inflation pressure for your tires, check the owner’s manual.

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