Bucks County Water Park Drowning Lawyer

Taking a family trip to the water park is one of the best ways to cool off and have fun on a scorching summer day. However, just like any activity that involves water, spending time on and near water-based attractions presents a drowning risk, especially for young children and those who cannot swim.

From water slides to log flumes to lazy rivers, any attraction that puts riders close to or in any amount of water is a drowning hazard, even if the water is shallow and calm. While it may seem implausible that a drowning accident could occur on a tranquil ride such as a lazy river, our Bucks County water park drowning lawyer urges you to consider that it can happen in some circumstances. For instance, if a rider hits his/her head on something while floating along and gets knocked unconscious, a drowning can easily follow.

As you would expect, more extreme water attractions such as wave pools and river rapids rides put one at an even greater risk of drowning. With moving water and too many people for the ride attendants and lifeguards to keep track of at all times, these attractions can spell disaster for non-swimmers.

So how can you prevent a drowning incident from affecting you and your family while still enjoying the amusement of a water park? Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Invest in swimming lessons for children – Before heading to a water park, you should enroll your kids in a swimming course. Even if the experience doesn’t make them strong swimmers, it will still teach them valuable skills, such as how to float and blow bubbles underwater, which can be lifesaving in the event of an emergency.
  • Make sure non-swimmers in your group wear lifejackets – For children and adults who aren’t confident in their swimming abilities, lifejackets are a must on rides with water deeper than the person can comfortably stand in.
  • Always follow ride rules – Water park rules exist to keep guests safe, so it’s essential to abide by them to steer clear of injuries. When entering an attraction, take note of written safety instructions and follow any verbal directions given by ride attendants. If equipment is required for the ride, be sure to use it as directed.

Going to the water park involves risks, but it’s possible to mitigate them by making safety a priority.

When Water Park Negligence Occurs, Count On Us

Unfortunately, there is next to nothing you can do to prevent water park accidents that result from failure of the park’s management to thoroughly train their employees and maintain rides. If one of these rare but serious water park accidents affects someone you love, trust our water park drowning lawyer in Bucks County to fight for your rights.

For more than 30 years, Mr. Gary P. Heslin has been representing the families of drowning and near-drowning victims. Now, he’s ready to work for you. To speak with the water park drowning attorney Bucks County relies on, call (215) 332-0300 or visit us online. And if you need a refresher on preventing lawnmower-related child injuries, be sure to read our recent post. We look forward to providing the legal help you need.

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