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Most people dread the morning when the clocks spring forward for Daylight Saving Time. After all, losing an hour of sleep is quite inconvenient, especially for those who start their day early. What’s worse, this lost hour can also be dangerous. According to a University of Colorado study, fatal car accidents spike by 6.3% in the week following the time change. So what can you do to help your body adjust and avoid being involved in an accident? Here are some tips from our Bucks County motor vehicle accident lawyer:

  1. Plan your schedule around the new clock time – In the days after the clocks jump ahead, you may not feel tired at the time you usually go to sleep. However, you should strive to stick to your normal bedtime following the Daylight Saving Time switch to help your body stay on schedule and avoid fatigue. The same goes for eating; to help your body get used to the time change, it’s best to follow a meal schedule based on the clock.
  2. Adjust your lighting – Another way to make Daylight Saving Time more manageable is to immediately expose yourself to natural or artificial light when you get up in the morning. Doing so will wake you up and prevent drowsy driving. Then, when evening rolls around and your normal bedtime approaches, you should turn the lights down and switch off devices to create an environment conducive to sleep.
  3. Avoid driving – One fail-safe way to protect yourself against car accidents as you adapt to the time change is to stay off the road. If you have the option, our motor vehicle accident lawyer in Bucks County highly suggests working from home or taking public transportation to your job during the first week of Daylight Saving Time.
  4. Beware of drowsy driving – If you have no choice but to do the morning commute by car, be alert for signs of drowsy driving in yourself and others on the road. Some common ones include having trouble keeping one’s eyes open, swerving and having difficulty focusing on the road. If you experience any of these symptoms, pull over and take a rest.

By following these tips from our Bucks County motor vehicle accident attorney, you should have no trouble safely and quickly acclimating to Daylight Saving Time.

We’re Here to Help Motor Vehicle Accident Victims

Unfortunately, even if you exercise caution in the days after Daylight Saving Time starts, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be involved in a car crash. Others on the road may drive drowsy, and you may become the victim of an auto accident as a result.

If you find yourself injured in a car accident caused by another party, Mr. Gary Heslin of the Heslin Law Firm will be here to provide legal assistance. Known as the motor vehicle accident lawyer Bucks County residents can depend on, Mr. Heslin has a decades-long history of helping injured accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve.

If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation with Mr. Heslin, call (215) 332-0300 today. And for tips on safely navigating potholes while driving, be sure to read our recent blog post. We look forward to providing you with expert legal guidance.

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