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Sunny spring days are here again, and for many, that means taking the boat out of storage and going sailing. While boating is usually a fun and relaxing activity, it has the potential to turn disastrous in a matter of seconds whether you’re boating on a lake or an ocean. To avoid getting into a boating accident this spring, our Bucks County drowning accident lawyer recommends following these tips:

  1. Get a refresher before heading out onto the water – After the long winter, chances are you won’t be as sharp on boating’s best practices and the procedures that you should follow in the event of a boating emergency. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take some time to review by enrolling in an online boating safety course.
  2. Make sure your boat is fit for sailing – Whether your vessel of choice is motorized or not, it’s important to check that everything is in order before putting the boat back in the water after winter. Inspect the boat for missing or broken parts and make sure there is a safety kit aboard with all of the necessary first aid supplies. In addition, check that there are enough life jackets for the boat’s maximum number of passengers and inspect them for rips or other damage. Before setting sail, make any needed repairs or replacements.
  3. Prepare for the weather – Even when the air temperature is high in the spring, chances are the water will still be chilly. Plus, rain showers and wind are frequent during springtime, so it’s important to bring along a raincoat and a change of clothes to keep yourself warm and dry. Furthermore, you should always check the weather forecast and water conditions before taking your boat out. If thunderstorms or heavy rains are expected, it’s in your best interest to postpone the trip.
  4. Inform a loved one of your boating plan – Whether you’re sailing solo or with a group, you should always let a friend or family member who won’t be along for the ride know where you are headed and when you plan to come back to land. This way, they will know to send help if something goes wrong and you are gone long past your expected return time.

By heeding this advice from our drowning accident lawyer in Bucks County, you and the rest of your crew will have a reduced risk of being hurt in a boating accident this spring.

At Heslin Law Firm, We’ll Fight for Your Rights

Although taking the aforementioned steps will decrease the likelihood of boating disasters, accidents can still happen, and they may result in brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or even drowning. If your loved one has been affected by a boating incident that you believe was caused by someone else’s negligence, hire Mr. Gary P. Heslin as your Bucks County drowning accident attorney. When you do so, Mr. Heslin will work tirelessly to determine who is liable for the accident and ensure that justice is served.

Ready to have a seasoned legal professional on your side? Call the Heslin Law Firm at (215) 332-0300. And if you’d like to learn about how to stay safe on a construction site on rainy spring days, check out last week’s post. Should you need our help this spring, we’ll be happy to work for you and show you why we’re known as the drowning accident lawyer Bucks County residents can depend on.

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