Bucks County Drowning Accident Attorney

On hot summer days, taking a trip to a river or stream is a tranquil and inexpensive way to cool off. However, even shallow, calm waters can hold unexpected dangers. Therefore, it’s important to be highly cautious when in or near rivers and streams. Whether you’re taking a dip, tubing, or simply hiking close to the water, our Bucks County drowning accident attorney recommends looking out for the following hazards:

  • Dangerous currents – While a river or stream may appear to be flowing slowly on the surface, keep in mind that the current underneath the water may be much faster. If you fall into swift-moving water or get swept off your feet, get onto your back and float with your feet out of the water and pointed downstream. Assuming this position will allow your feet to hit any rocks and debris rather than your head. If you encounter an area where the current is calm enough to swim, flip onto your stomach and paddle to land in the direction that the water is flowing. Otherwise, continue floating and remain calm until you see someone who can help.
  • Cold water – In certain areas of the country, melting snow and ice often feed rivers, causing the water to be frigid beneath the surface even on blistering summer days. Furthermore, jumping into a pool of cold water can shock your body and even cause hypothermia, leaving you unable to swim to safety. With that being said, our drowning accident attorney in Bucks County suggests easing your way into the water and getting out immediately if it feels too cold.
  • Underwater objects – Objects that lie under the water and cannot be seen, such as tree roots, logs, and uneven rocks, are another threat lurking in rivers and streams. These items pose a major tripping hazard, so it’s important to step carefully when walking in these bodies of water.
  • Slippery rocks – The rocks in and around creeks and rivers tend to be covered in algae, so slipping is a major concern whether you’re in the water or close by. To prevent falls, be sure to wear non-slip footwear and refrain from walking on surfaces that may be slick whenever possible.

By exercising caution in and near rivers and streams, you can greatly reduce your chances of being injured while enjoying these lovely natural features.

Water Accident? Seek Assistance from the Heslin Law Firm

Unfortunately, water is an unpredictable force and things can go wrong at any time. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident in or near a body of water, count on the Heslin Law Firm to help you through this trying time. As the drowning accident lawyer Bucks County trusts, we will determine who is liable for the accident and assist you in obtaining the compensation you are owed for pain, suffering, and other losses.

To discuss your case with Mr. Gary P. Heslin, our experienced Bucks County drowning accident lawyer, call (215) 332-0300. And for tips on preventing road trip accidents, read our recent blog post. We sincerely hope the rest of your summer goes smoothly, but just in case it doesn’t, we will be here to provide professional legal guidance and assistance.

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