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Labor Day weekend is made for creating end-of-summer memories with those you love. As the holiday approaches and Pennsylvanians begin traveling to their celebration destinations, things can easily become hectic on the road. No matter what your Labor Day plans involve, you’ll most likely encounter traffic.

In fact, according to data from the National Safety Council, Labor Day weekend brings some of the highest traffic volume of the entire year and comes with a large number of roadway accidents to match. In light of this, our Bucks County car accident lawyer would like to offer a few reminders to help you and your family navigate the upcoming holiday weekend without incident:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination – As you make your way to the spot where you’ll be celebrating, keep in mind that Labor Day traffic could significantly lengthen your trip. To ensure that you aren’t tempted to drive riskily by exceeding the speed limit in order to make up for time spent in traffic, our car accident lawyer in Bucks County recommends leaving a bit early.
  • Make sure all passengers are buckled up before hitting the road – Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye to even the most responsible drivers, and they’re more likely to occur when traffic is heavy. To limit injuries in case of an accident this Labor Day weekend, it’s critical for everyone in the car – even those in the backseat – to fasten their seat belts before the vehicle starts moving.
  • Take measures to limit distractions while driving – As always, you should avoid using your phone while driving at all costs. If you need to answer a call or text, pull over in an area that is a safe distance away from moving cars, such as a rest stop. And if you need directions to get where you’re going, put someone else in charge of navigating so that your focus stays where it should be: on the road in front of you.

As you travel to and from your Labor Day festivities, our Bucks County car accident attorney urges you to make safety just as much of a priority as having fun. And if you’re heading to an amusement park this Labor Day weekend, be sure to read our guidelines for avoiding preventable theme park accidents before your trip.

In the Event of an Accident, Call On Us for Legal Help

While following the tips above will help you steer clear of accidents while driving in holiday traffic, the unfortunate reality is that others on the road may not take such precautions. In the event that you or someone you love is injured in a car accident caused fully or in part by the carelessness of another driver, Gary Heslin will be here to offer your family compassionate and skilled legal guidance.

With more than 30 years of experience helping accident victims obtain the compensation they are owed for physical, mental and emotional damages, Mr. Heslin is known as the car accident lawyer Bucks County citizens can depend on.

If you are in need of professional legal assistance, call the Heslin Law Firm at (215) 332-0300 to schedule a free consultation with our dedicated car accident lawyer in Bucks County. We hope your Labor Day weekend goes smoothly, but in the event that a negligence-related accident affects your family, you can trust that we’ll be ready to fight for your rights.

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