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Fall is a spectacular season here in Pennsylvania, but it doesn’t come without dangers – particularly for drivers. Our Bucks County auto accident lawyer is here to remind you about the hazardous driving conditions fall brings so that you can take adequate precautions to mitigate them:

  1. Falling temperatures – Low nighttime temperatures in autumn can lead to ice accumulation on both the roadways and your windshield in the morning, creating a potentially risky morning commute. And even after the icy spots on the road melt in the late morning, they may reappear later in the day – temperatures often fall in the afternoon. To prevent ice-related incidents, always be sure to clear any frost off of your windshield before getting behind the wheel and drive slowly and cautiously during times when roads may be slick, especially in areas that don’t get much sunlight.
  2. The end of Daylight Saving Time – When Daylight Saving Time comes to an end, as it did a week fews back, it can spell disaster for motorists. If you drive home from work during sunset (much earlier now!), chances are the bright sun will make it hard to see where you’re going and the other cars around you. But if you wait until after sunset, you’ll be driving in the twilight at which point there’s an increased chance of hitting a deer or worse – a person. To combat these less-than-ideal lighting situations, keep a pair of sunglasses in your car to shield your eyes from sun glare and keep your headlights and the rest of your vehicle in great condition. Furthermore, always be on the lookout for deer around and after dusk.
  3. Fallen leaves – Autumnal leaves are a beautiful sight to behold when they’re on the trees, but not so much when they’re on the road. By covering up road markings and decreasing traction for vehicles, fallen leaves can cause many issues for drivers. It’s even worse when the leaves are wet after an autumn rain! With this in mind, you should avoid driving through leaves whenever possible and, if you absolutely must, decrease your speed when doing so.
  4. Potholes – Frequently changing temperatures in the fall result in the formation of potholes. To avoid damaging your vehicle or causing an accident, always be looking ahead for dips in the road while driving. And remember – you may not be able to see potholes if they’re covered by leaves, which is another great reason to steer clear of leaf piles!

Fall is undoubtedly a risky time to be on the road. However, following these guidelines from our auto accident lawyer in Bucks County will help you stay safe and prevent autumn hazard-related accidents. For more seasonal safety advice, be sure to review these tips on autumn ladder safety as well.

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