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Having your windshield fog up while driving isn’t just irritating; it’s also highly dangerous, as it decreases your ability to see the road and what lies ahead. To help you deal with this driving hazard this spring, our Bucks County auto accident lawyer is here to offer instructions on how to clear up a foggy windshield fast:

  • When it’s warmer outside than in your car, it can cause condensation to form on the outside of your vehicle’s windshield. To clear your windshield in this situation, you need to increase the temperature inside of your car by lowering the AC (or turning it off completely if turning it down doesn’t do the trick). Using your windshield wipers and switching off the recirculation will also help.
  • When it’s colder outside than in your car and your windshield fogs up, the most effective method for getting rid of the moisture is to turn on the front and rear window defroster with cool air or crack a window. Our auto accident lawyer in Bucks County also recommends turning off your car’s recirculation feature so that fresh air from outside can enter the car. By bringing in dryer, cooler air, you will quickly banish the humidity that is causing your windshield to fog up.

Knowing how to effectively deal with a foggy windshield in any weather will reduce your chances of getting into a car accident caused by limited visibility.

Car Crash? Consult the Auto Accident Lawyer Bucks County Trusts

During this time of year, a foggy windshield isn’t the only driving hazard to be concerned about. There’s also spring thunderstorms, which can make roads slick and dangerous. Plus, there is always a risk that other motorists may be driving distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If you or someone you love is injured in a car crash and you believe that another party’s negligence may have partially or fully caused the incident, it’s time to meet with a skilled Bucks County auto accident attorney such as Mr. Gary Heslin. Since starting the Heslin Law Firm in 1997, Mr. Heslin has gained an impressive reputation for helping accident victims get the compensation they deserve. To find out how he can assist you with your case, call (215) 332-0300 and schedule a free consultation. And if you’re interested in learning how to avoid accidents when biking on the road, be sure to read our recent blog post. Should you need legal assistance, we look forward to showing you why we’re known as the auto accident lawyer Bucks County can depend on.

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