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An RV is the ultimate vehicle for camping trips with family and friends. After all, it provides a place for you to sleep, eat and hang out! However, when buying or renting an RV, many people fail to realize that these vehicles are a bit more difficult to operate than regular cars. With this in mind, our Bucks County motor vehicle accident attorney has these standard guidelines on safely and successfully driving an RV:

  1. Inspect your RV before hitting the road – One of the best things you can do to prevent RV accidents is to keep the vehicle in good driving condition. To decrease the risk of having an issue while cruising down the road, make sure your tires are properly inflated and have tight lug nuts. In addition, never drive with faulty brakes or burnt-out lights.
  2. Anticipate when you will need to brake – When driving an RV, it’s important to keep in mind that it takes longer to slow down or stop than it does in a car since the vehicle is larger. In turn, you should maintain a generous following distance and start pressing the brakes before you think you need to when you see another car braking.
  3. Stay in the right lane whenever possible – RVs typically travel slower than other traffic since they are bigger, so it’s a good idea to stay in the right lane when driving one. Doing so has the added benefit of making it easier to pull over to the shoulder in the event of an emergency, such as a blown-out tire.
  4. Look out for debris on the road – If you’re driving your RV on a highway, chances are you’ll encounter some debris on the road. Running over an item can do more damage to the vehicle than you might think, and swerving suddenly can lead to an accident, so it’s essential to be scanning the road ahead of you for objects at all times.
  5. Take frequent breaks – Operating an RV requires your full attention, so you should never drive one when you’re tired. If you’re feeling any less than 100% awake and alert, let another qualified individual in your party take the wheel or pull over somewhere to rest up.

If you head out onto the road in an RV this camping season, be sure to follow these tips from our motor vehicle accident lawyer in Bucks County to prevent an accident from spoiling the trip. And if you’d like more tips on staying safe behind the wheel this season, check out our driving safety tips for rainy spring days.

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Sadly, things can go wrong on the road even when you make every effort to be a safe driver. That’s why the Heslin Law Firm serves as a Bucks County motor vehicle accident attorney. If you’ve been the victim of a motor vehicle crash and you believe it was not your fault, call (215) 332-0300 to get legal assistance from us. No matter how complex the case may be, we’ll work tirelessly to determine who is at fault for the accident and seek justice.

So if you’ve been affected by a motor vehicle incident caused by another party, schedule a free consultation with the Heslin Law Firm today. We will be honored to show you why we’re known as a motor vehicle accident lawyer Bucks County citizens can trust if you ever find yourself in a tough legal situation.

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