Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 2.58.50 PMDid you know approximately one in five worker deaths occur on or near construction sites? These fatalities are often caused by failure to adhere to job safety guidelines and other oversights.

If you work in construction, be sure to follow these tips to stay safe while on the job:

  1. Always wear the proper safety gear. Construction sites are dangerous places where debris can fall or fly at any time. To protect yourself from debris, always wear a hard hat, eye protection and any other special gear that may be recommended for specific jobs.
  2. Prevent fatal falls by wearing a harness. According to OSHA, one of the main causes of construction-related death is falling while on the job. With this in mind, you should never work on a rooftop or scaffolding without wearing a harness that will catch you in case you slip and fall.
  3. Remain alert at all times. As we’ve already stated, materials often fall out of the air in construction areas. Therefore, workers need to be on the lookout for falling objects no matter where they are on the site. Even if you’re working on a rooftop, keep in mind that there may be workers even higher above you.
  4. Take frequent breaks. Construction requires difficult manual labor, making it very tiring. To avoid mistakes and injuries caused by exhaustion, workers should take breaks to rest, eat and drink throughout their shifts.
  5. Use caution when working around vehicles. Another leading cause of injury and death in the construction world stems from laborers being struck by work vehicles. In order to prevent this unfortunate scenario from happening to you, always wear a reflective vest and stay as far as possible from construction vehicles.

When you take these precautions while working on and around construction sites, you’ll lessen your risk of being injured on the job.

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