Over the years, I have seen many trends develop on how insurance companies defend auto accident cases. It’s their ambition to keep as much money to themselves and pay a victim of a car accident as little as possible. One new trend is looking at the client’s social media activity. This includes his Facebook account, Twitter, and even email. Why do they do it? Because they can. Courts can issue orders for the client to release his account information, and anything they find can be used to break your case. Refusing to give up this information can get your case thrown out of court.

If you have an auto accident case in Philadelphia, I can provide you with a few tips about how to manage your social media accounts:

  • Assume everything you post on your social media account can be used by insurance companies to hurt you and your case. In other words, be careful.
  • Do not become friends with someone who you don’t know. It’s possible an insurance investigator may be trying to get information from you.
  • Never post videos or pictures that may bring up questions about the condition of your health.
  • Do not send emails or texts to anyone regarding your case except for your Philadelphia accident lawyer.
  • Make sure your social media accounts have the highest privacy settings available.

Contact a Philadelphia accident and personal injury lawyer for more help on your auto accident or injury case. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

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