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The risk of hitting a deer while driving exists all year long. However, these accidents are much more likely to occur during the autumn months, when deer become more active as they mate and migrate. With this in mind, our Bucks County car accident lawyer would like to offer a few tips to help you minimize your chances of having a run-in with a deer when you’re behind the wheel this fall:

  • Remember that deer typically travel in groups – In turn, if you spot one deer, it likely means there are others nearby. Thus, you should lower your speed and proceed with caution in case an animal crosses the road in front of you.
  • Know when to exercise extra caution – Deer tend to be especially active at dusk and dawn, so you should be on high alert for the animals when driving at these times. Further, our car accident lawyer in Bucks County recommends paying close attention to deer crossing signs and reducing your speed while passing through these areas.
  • Turn on your high beams when driving at night – When switched to the high-beam setting, your vehicle’s headlights will help you see about twice as far in front of your car as when they are on the normal, low-beam setting. This increased illumination range can make a huge difference when it comes to helping you avoid hitting animals on or near the road, as it will give you more time to react. Just be sure to dim your lights for oncoming cars to avoid blinding other drivers.
  • Prioritize vehicle maintenance – Keeping everything on your vehicle in good working order is another effective way to reduce your risk of hitting a deer or another animal while driving. Properly maintaining your headlights, brakes, windshield wipers and the rest of your car will ensure that your vehicle offers maximum visibility and is capable of stopping suddenly if an animal runs into the road.

By implementing these tips from our Bucks County car accident lawyer as you drive this autumn, you will greatly lower your odds of having a roadway incident involving a deer or another wild animal.

Need a Skilled Car Accident Lawyer in Bucks County? Trust Gary Heslin

Since founding the Heslin Law Firm more than 30 years ago, Gary Heslin has been recognized as a car accident lawyer Bucks County residents can depend on for sound legal advice and representation. In the unfortunate event that you or someone you love hits a deer while driving or is involved in any other type of car crash, Mr. Heslin has the skill and experience needed to protect your rights.

Over the years, Mr. Heslin has helped countless car accident victims obtain the maximum financial compensation for their injuries and other losses. When you call on him to serve as your Bucks County car accident attorney, Mr. Heslin will do everything in his power – including tirelessly fighting insurance companies – in order to defend your legal right to be compensated for your car accident-related damages.

If you’re interested in meeting with Mr. Heslin for a free case evaluation, call our office at 215-332-0300. And for more advice on driving safely during autumn, take a look at our past blog post on this subject. If you need compassionate, informed legal guidance this fall or any time, you can rest assured that Gary Heslin will be here to offer it as your car accident lawyer in Bucks County.

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