To shorten the amount of time it takes to be compensated for bodily injuries after a car accident, it helps to know what information to submit to a personal injury attorney. Contacting your car insurance company as soon as possible following the car accident can also reduce the time it takes to be compensated for pain and suffering.

Provide Car Accident Details

There are details you will need to provide your personal injury attorney that can be obtained from the accident scene. They include:

  • Your name, driver’s license number, and car insurance policy number
  • Names of passengers involved in the accident, along with their contact information and names of car insurance companies
  • The time and date of the car accident
  • Location of the accident
  • Weather conditions at the time of the car crash
  • A copy of the police report written at the scene
  • Copies of traffic tickets written at the accident scene
  • Evidence if a driver was charged with a DUI

Provide Personal Injury Details

More vital information you will need to provide to your personal injury attorney must be obtained after the car accident such as the treatment you received from a physician. After the accident, let your personal physician know you were involved in a car crash and ask for an MRI and X-rays. Be sure to get images of areas that were injured prior to the accident. Doing this allows you and your lawyer to assess whether additional damage was sustained.

Documents to Include

  • Medical bills
  • Expenses for ongoing treatments
  • Medical reports from your treating physicians
  • Number of days lost at work and total wages
  • Any communication you have had with the insurance company that is related to the accident

Throughout the process, keep in touch with your personal injury attorney and the insurance company. A lawyer may travel with you to the accident scene and take pictures as well as interview other parties who were involved in the collision.

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