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In addition to being a day to honor those who have died serving in the U.S. military, Memorial Day is also an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful springtime weather with friends and family. However, a fun and relaxing gathering can quickly turn disastrous if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. Whether you celebrate Memorial Day with a backyard barbecue, a dip in the pool or fireworks, be sure to heed these tips from our Bucks County personal injury lawyer to avoid accidents and injuries:

  1. Follow pool safety rules – If there’s a pool at your Memorial Day destination, chances are you’ll be taking advantage of it! When doing so, be sure to act in accordance with basic swimming pool safety recommendations, such as designating an adult who isn’t drinking to supervise children in/near the pool and making sure weak swimmers wear a lifejacket.
  2. Beware of coolers – You’ve probably never thought about it, but coolers can pose a serious safety risk to young kids. After all, when ice melts in a cooler throughout the day, it can create enough water to drown a small child. With this in mind, keep a watchful eye on youngsters at your Memorial Day celebration and keep coolers latched.
  3. Maintain the grill – Grilling up meats and veggies at your cookout? Be sure to clean the grill before starting it and have someone watch the grill at all times when it is on. Once you’re done with your cookout, double-check that the propane is off or the coals have stopped burning before leaving the site.
  4. Set off fireworks responsibly – No Memorial Day party is complete without a fireworks display! If you decide to set them off yourself, make sure you do so in an open area free of flammable items such as tree branches. Furthermore, don’t forget to prepare a bucket of water just in case something catches on fire. Finally, only allow responsible, sober adults to light fireworks.
  5. Arrange a ride home if you’ll be drinking – There’s nothing wrong with enjoying some adult beverages on Memorial Day if you’re over the age of 21. However, if you plan to consume more than a few drinks during your celebration, it’s crucial to sort out how you’re getting home. Perhaps you can ask the host to let you stay over, or maybe you’ll plan to take a cab home. The bottom line is that you should never drink and drive in order to avoid injuring yourself and others.

By following these tips from our personal injury attorney in Bucks County, you’ll greatly reduce the risk of a disaster occurring at your Memorial Day gathering.

Injured Due to Another Party’s Negligence? We Can Help!

Even when you follow our Memorial Day safety tips, the unfortunate truth is that others may not. If you or someone you love is injured this Memorial Day (or any day of the year) as a result of someone else’s negligence, you can count on our Bucks County personal injury attorney to help you seek the compensation you deserve. To discuss your case, give us a call today at (215) 332-0300. We look forward to representing you should you need legal assistance!

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