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It’s the end of August, which means the kids are going back to school here in Bucks County. With school buses, students on bikes and frazzled parents out on the road in the morning and afternoon, things can get a little bit hectic. In turn, it’s important to pay extra attention while behind the wheel. Here are a few helpful tips for keeping yourself and others safe while driving in back to school traffic:

  1. Share the road with school buses – In order to keep children safe, there are laws that all other vehicles must follow when approaching a school bus. For instance, if the red or yellow lights are flashing on the bus and the stop arm is extended, you must stop. To ensure that the children have enough room to enter or exit the school bus, you should leave at least 10 feet between your vehicle and the bus.
  2. Pass bicyclists with care – When you encounter a kid riding his/her bike to school, be sure to stay extremely alert. Keep in mind that children tend to make turns without signaling or checking for oncoming cars first. And if you decide to pass a school-aged bicyclist, be sure to put at least three feet of space between your vehicle and the child.
  3. Exercise caution when driving near schools – Always keep an eye out for children crossing the street when driving near a school. If there is a blinking sign or a crossing guard at an intersection, you are required by law to stop and allow pedestrians to cross. And if a vehicle is stopped for pedestrians, even if they don’t legally have the right of way, never go around them – wait patiently for the people to cross to prevent an accident from occurring.
  4. Follow school zone driving rules – When driving in school parking lots, obey all posted speed limits. Never double park, as this makes it harder for children and other drivers to see what is ahead. And if you’re dropping off a child, do so as close to the school as possible to limit the distance that he/she will need to walk in the busy parking lot.

By driving with a bit of extra caution and care, you can avoid being in an accident while sharing the road with parents, kids and bus drivers.

We’re Here to Help When Auto Accidents Happen

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